If you would like us to come and visit you for a free, confidential, home care assessment of your needs, please call Caring for You on 01924 271132, or use our contact form.


Caring for You (Yorkshire)Ltd
The Old Bakery
158 Bridge Road
Tel 01924 271132.

Our Services

Our services can range from daily tasks through to more intensive packages of care for clients with long term conditions.

Personal care includes assistance with:

★ Dressing/undressing

★ Bathing/showering/washing/shaving/nail trimming/oral care

★ Assistance getting in/out of bed

★ Helping you to eat and drink

★ Assistance with toilet needs, continence care

★ Prompting and assisting with medication

★ Day- and night-sitting

★ Companionship

★ Support towards the end of life

Personal care includes assistance with:

★ Preparing and cooking meals

★ Cleaning, dusting and vacuuming

★ Laundry and ironing

★ Making or changing your bed

★ Feeding, cleaning and exercising pets

★ Shopping, pension collection and prescriptions

★ Managing Social Services support/form filling

★ Banking and paying service bills

★ Escorting you to appointments, shopping or social activities


All our care packages are specifically tailored to the individual client. Visits can vary in length of time and one or more visits can be made throughout the day – from one day to seven days a week.

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